Just because it really, really happened doesn’t make it of interest to an editor. Unless you just trekked for two years through the Amazon with Madonna (either the Christian one or the celebrity one) and a three-legged pack mule, they don’t care.  

 What they want to see is an engaging story told well.

 Take your true stories and make them into a novel, but unless you are writing memoir or non-fiction, make them better. You don’t need to stick to the details of the event if they don’t serve the story. It’s the story that is important, not that your Crazy Aunt Sue only ate Cheerios for breakfast. NO ONE CARES. Have her eat them for dinner with a side of lima beans or eat them while hanging upside down like a bat.

Man in red tutu accosted by striped socks gang. Details at 9

That’s what your imagination and creativity is for, to enhance and create, not to replicate the boring details of someone’s life. So take your fascinating true story and make it better.

So what’s your take on what happened in this photo?


~ by Gwen Dandridge on January 13, 2010.

3 Responses to “Truth”

  1. You made me laugh with the Cheerios “with a side of lima beans while hanging upside down like a bat.”

    I think the guy had unfilled dreams of being a high-school cheerleader. This is his therapy group allowing him a day to experience it and get over it.

  2. I have a story I’ve been trying to write forever and that’s my problem: my brain won’t let me let go of the truth.

    I love Lori’s explanation for the photo!

  3. Me too. It’s better than what is really happening.

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