My picture is on Lisa Yee’s blog (www.lisayee.livejournal.com).

A particularly flattering photo of me, Alexis O'Neill, Greg Trine, Edna Cabcabin Moran and others taken by Lisa Yee

I’m like this, (picture crossed fingers) with Peepy. How much more famous can you get? I was lucky enough to attend the SCBWI Santa Barbara/Ventura Cyber-Promotional Tools for Published Authors and Illustrators Conference (SCBWISBVCPTFPAIC).

Not because I am published, because I’m not. I was able to attend because I am the Santa Barbara Assistant County Coordinator and the SCBWI V/SB Listserve Administrator.

 I got to be the official helper.

That meant I was able to share breathing space with Harold Underdown, Greg Pincus, Lisa Yee and Anastasia Suen and all the published authors and illustrators who attended. Cool!

I registered them, gave them their keys and kept them fed on homemade chocolate cupcakes and rye bread (yes, I know it’s an odd combination). But I got to attend.

It is also why this blog exists. They convinced me that a blog is the new web page and that I should have one.


~ by Gwen Dandridge on January 14, 2010.

2 Responses to “Famous”

  1. It was great meeting you, Gwen!

  2. Gwen – I especially love our stern faces in the photo — don’t you! Thanks for bringing chocolate cupcake and rye bread. (Now I’m going to dream of your wonderful food all night!)

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