Looking for a Twelve Step Program

Ok, here’s how it starts. You pick up a book and start reading not realizing the depths that addiction can take you to. It all looks so innocent, it’s just a book, a single book. But what you don’t know is this man is a serial writer.  

Robert Jordan wrote a book and then another and another. After twenty years and eleven books he dies. There are three books left to finish.

Now, unlike me, perhaps most of you wouldn’t take this personally, wouldn’t be left gasping at the lack of resolution. I mean it’s only a book. I can put them down anytime. 

But I did heave a sigh of relief when his newest book arrived. No, he isn’t writing from beyond the grave. Bless the man, he left a large paper trail for his last three books and someone wonderful was chosen to finish the project.

This has been the first time, (well maybe the second) that my husband and I didn’t get two of his books so we wouldn’t squabble over who gets to read it first. I graciously conceded first dibs to Josh. That seemed reasonable as he had bought it, had it in his hands and wasn’t giving any quarter on it.

But it was finally all mine the beginning of 2010. I spent every free moment reading about darkfriends and Aes Sedai.

I am now waiting for the next Wheel of Time book, now written by Robert Jordan AND Brandon Sanderson. I’ve found no twelve step program to help with my habit.

The Gathering Storm

There’s nothing else for me to do but go back to writing my own novels.


~ by Gwen Dandridge on January 25, 2010.

4 Responses to “Looking for a Twelve Step Program”

  1. I thought taking on the Harry Potter or Lord or the Rings series was a lot to handle. 11 books with 3 on the way? Wow!

  2. Darn, Gwen. I like all the books you recommend. Need more time! Do you know if there’s an audio version of these books? That’s my new approach to series books. I get addicted, too, but if I can listen to one or two of the books while cleaning house, I feel better about the time suck.

  3. The Wheel of Time series is out on tape. The others I don’t know about.

    I’m in the thoes (sp) of reading ‘Going Bovine.’ It is truly wonderful.

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