Val Hobb’s Workshop

Just got back from the workshop 1-2-3 GO! Beyond First Chapters in San Luis Obispo with the amazing Val Hobbs, the author of Sheep and Defiance.

Val drew each of us through the questions of what does your character want and why. How do these questions manifest themselves and how are they resolved.

She also led us through theme:

What is your story about, really about, not just the plot lines but the real meat and potatoes of a book, that elusive subject called theme. How does your character development contribute to the theme, how do their actions support it?

What scenes can you drop, like a string of pearls, across your pages to lead the reader to an understanding of the theme?

We each worked on identifying and clarifying these questions.

Thank you Val, not only for being a good instructor but also for being a friend and critique partner!


~ by Gwen Dandridge on March 13, 2010.

2 Responses to “Val Hobb’s Workshop”

  1. I should have found a way to go to that workshop. Val is so good at finding those elusive themes.

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