Killing Dragons

I’m on my third edit of Demonstration of Dragons for my agent. Yes, it is getting better each time.

This last time is my fault, truly; I just couldn’t bring myself to remove two dragons the last time. I hoped killing a single dragon would suffice, but it didn’t. In the past two years I’ve gone from ten dragons, to seven. Now this year their numbers have dwindled further: from seven to six and now, to five.

It’s no wonder dragons are rare.

So once more into the fray.


~ by Gwen Dandridge on June 4, 2010.

5 Responses to “Killing Dragons”

  1. I like the illustration. Only the strongest survive!

  2. Ahh, and so the slaughter of characters continues. Truly you are the brave one.

  3. I just had another thought. Does this now make you Gwen, the Reluctant Dragon Slayer? Sounds like a book title.

    • Much as I love the title, I think it isn’t to be. I do have three other book title in my pocket though, anxious to be released. The newest is tentatively named thirty-two demons.

      I’m wondering if it will end being named three demons and a girl. 🙂

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