Pre the book launch or things to think on.

A book launch is an event where you won’t know how many people are coming until the last second. So you can only guess how many cookies and books you might need. Not like a dinner party for eight where you actually know how much to make.

Nevertheless, I’m as totally prepared as someone of my erratic nature can be. I’ve sent out press releases, created an author’s page on facebook, stopped at the bookstore to check out the space, figured out what foods to make, figured out who is MC, who is to talk and what pages I will read. Here are some of the suggestions I’ve been given:

  • thMake sure you hand out post-it notes so people can write their names for book signing
  • Have posters made of me and the book cover (so they show during the video—see below).
  • Create flyers to put out early in various stores, libraries, etc
  • Get prizes: gift certificates, books, stickers, etc
  • Organize games—in this case all about symmetry and history.
  • Organize the two hours as if it were a symphony, but prepare to be fluid, as if it were an impromptu jazz jam
  • Choose someone to video the thing
  • Know who is speaking and when
  • Pick out and practice reading part of the book you think others will enjoy, something short and pithy–something that doesn’t give away too much of the plot
  • Have music in the background—hmm. Should I bring my soprano recorder and play a few bars of Handel’s Water music? I have to assume that for a book taking place in the 1390’s in Andalusia that accordion or bagpipe music is right out.

At the very end all that is important is that you breathe in and out, repeat. And have as good a time as possible. This is the celebration of the birth of your book—enjoy.


~ by Gwen Dandridge on September 1, 2013.

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